The Ultimate Wedding Timeline

You’re engaged!!! Now it’s time to plan your special day. There are so many things to organize and think about before getting married, and we don’t want you to make unnecessary efforts. We have compiled the final wedding schedule so that you know exactly what to do and when.


tell your family/closest friends that you are engaged
Terminate the engagement so that everyone can see this ring (probably on Insta #cute!)
Discuss with your fiance and agree on a budget for the wedding. Your budget breakdown is similar to the following:
Reception and Ceremony 36%
Honeymoon and flights 20%
Brides’ clothes 10%
Flowers and decorations 10%
Photo and video 10%
Music and pleasure 6%
Invitation and services 4%
Other/ Additional services 4%
Explore and discuss locations for your wedding
Narrow down your potential dates to 2 or 3 on your wedding day
Start working on the guest list and discuss your wedding party


Decide your final date (for the hottest dates in 2020/2021, click here)
Book the venue early to avoid heartbreak – this will also help you determine the date
Find and hire a photographer and/or videographer who can edit your wedding date – it is important to do this as soon as possible.
Finish the wedding party and officially ask them to become a part of your wedding tribe
Look for wedding dresses
Think about the type of cake (taste, shape, size) and discuss with the cake designers
Start Haar – und hautpflege-routine


Choose your flower designer
It’s time to book your honeymoon and accommodation for the wedding night!
Booking a wedding
transport Discuss the requirements with the photographer and videographer in detail
Discuss and finalize all details with the venue and/or catering provider
Choose your wedding cake designer!
Decide and order wedding clothes


Write down all the answers about whether you confirm
the order with a flower designer
Let the jeweler clean the wedding ring


Confirm the precautions for hair and makeup. Get plenty of sleep. Manicure 1-2 days before a
clean wedding ring at home
Confirm all the cake details and delivery
Confirm all receipt details
A full rehearsal of the ceremony. Writing a schedule for the wedding day
Confirm all the details of the photographers and videographers
Try on a full outfit. Organize the collection of rented clothes. Break your wedding shoes
Confirm the transportation details again
Confirm the delivery agreements
Keep place cards handy for distribution according to the schedule of places
Confirm the details
Package for honeymoon and wedding night. Confirmation of overnight stay

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