How To Make A Wedding Cake That Is Delicious

I Will Show How To Make A Wedding Cake

Choosing to make your own wedding cake will essentially go a long way in ensuring that the cost of your budget is cut down. The cake has to be appealing and enough for your guests. By making your own wedlock, it you will make the event more special. A small mistake made while making the cake, will mess up the entire event. It is important to you organize yourself with the right equipment. You need to ensure that you have the right ingredients and in their proper portions in order to come up with a fabulous cake that will contribute to the success of the wedding.

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The very first step of planning how to make a cake is to know exactly the type of cake you would prefer. Let’s look at the example of a tiered cake which is very popular in matrimony days. One needs to master the art of making the tier cake and it is easy.

The equipment needed for the cake preparation include

· 3 Round cake pans that are straight on the side. They need to be 12, 9 and 6 inches.

· Cake boards that will be used in unmolding the cakes and storing the layers of the cake. They are also relevant in assembling the tiers and icing them.

· A mixer; a standing mixer would be efficient though a hand mixer can work but be prepared for a lot of work.

· A candy thermometer

· A 14 inch round base or the cake. There are a variety of cake bases made from different raw materials in the market.

· Masking tape. It ensure that the cake cardboard base is firmly adhered to the cake base

· Wooden dowel of 1 yards of ¼ inch thick.

· Icing spatulas

· Nonslip shelf liner help in preventing the pillage of the cake during icing and transporting it.

· Revolving cake stand very essential for icing

· Ply wood that ¼ inch thick and 2 foot square

Assembling the cake

· Place the 12 inch layer cake onto the cardboard. Spread the filling on the cake ensuring that inch is left at the edge. Remember that this is the foundation of the cake and it will remain on the cardboard.

· Using cardboard rounds place the second layer of the 12 inch cake onto the filling and add filling on the second layer. If you would want the cake to have fillings of different flavors, then this is the point at which you will add. The cardboard rounds play a very important role in moving the cake layers. A tip, you could put the layer that you think did not come up perfectly in the middle.

The same procedure should be used to build both the second and the third layer.

· The first layer is ready to be transferred to the base. Place a few pieces of the looped masking tape to the cake base then place the first layer of the 12 inch tiered cake with the cardboard to the base. Note, cover the edges of the cake base with small pieces of parchment.

· Place the nonslip shelf liner onto the revolving cake stand and Place the first layer of the tier cake of the cake base on the revolving stand for icing. Ensure that you ice both the second and the third layer of the cake separately. While spreading the butter cream on the top of each layer of cake, it is important to observe a back to front motion.

· Ensure that you smooth the butter cream on top and the side of the cake to achieve an even look. Swipe the excess butter cream using a clean spatula.

· You need to mark the bottom tier at the centre with an inverted cake pan of 9 inches pan to get an outline where you will place the second cake.

· Insert a dowel into the butter cream to mark the height of the frosting and make a marking on the dowel, you can use a pencil. Get the measurements and use it to cut the dowel into 5 equal parts using a separate knife.

· Insert the dowels into the bottom tier with one at the centre and the remaining four around it ensuring that an equal distance is maintained between the dowels. Ensure that the dowels are of the same height as the frost or slightly shorter. Their role is to support the upper layers of the cake from crushing into the tiers that are underneath.

· Get an outline on the frost of the second tier cake, using an inverted cake pan of 6 inch. Place three dowels into the frost and ensure to have then evenly spaced.

· Carefully lift the second tire of cake onto the bottom tier using a metal spatula with the support of the other hand on the cardboard, to fit it in the outline that is on the second tier. Place the 6 inch layer tier at the centre of the second tier.
Cake decoration

Knowing how to make a wedding cake requires that you muster the art of decorating. To ensure that you have a beautiful cake, one needs to decorate it. All you need for decorating your cake is an icing bag and a variety of tips to give your cake a very exotic look. This is because with the different tips, one is able to derive different patterns for their cakes.

· One may decide to create a running pearl at the bottom of each tier. This will help in concealing the cardboard at the bottom of the tiers. Make sure to test the outcome of the pearls by placing a dot on a different surface. To come up with a great pearl pattern, ensure to place one pearl on top of the other pearl to achieve a consistent pattern.

· You can have a second running pearl at the edge of the top tier.

· You can have the same design of pearls on the wall of the cake.

Other Decorating tips

One can make use of the fresh and eatable flowers to give the cake an exotic look. You could also make use of fruits, nuts candies and so on. These can be used on both plain and frosted cakes.

After reading this, I hope you have gotten a general idea of how to make a wedding cake. Just don’t sit there, take action.  If you want to learn more about wedding cakes, click here.

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